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FAS Consultants & Trainers provide the best quality training, mentoring and facilitation available. Here’s why

  • Your people have no travel costs, no time off-site. Why travel to the training, when we bring the training to you?
  • We utilize examples and problems from your business in our training, not made-up examples that are just not relevant.
  • We don’t believe one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter training solutions are effective. You can get those elsewhere!
  • If you choose, we provide optional pre-exams and post-exams, for proof of training effectiveness, an ISO-based QMS requirement.
  • We provide training certificates, as proof of education, and training credit, as applicable.
  • We’re ready when you are! We work to your schedule, not ours. Weekend training? No problem for us.
  • Small classes or large classes no problem with us. We provide training unique to your needs.
  • Our training is always offered with No-Nonsense pricing, all expenses included, anywhere in the Pakistan.
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