Project Management
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Project Management

Effective management of project aspects during construction and development phase is very critical. However, each project has a unique set of QHSE expectations determined by the project’s scope and schedule. These expectations are set within a framework of legislative requirements, industrial guidelines and company standards. The integration and management of QHSE from project conception through all phases of project development will ensure that project goals are met without compromising quality, health, safety, security and environment.
We can undertake the management of all health, safety, security and environmental work required for developing projects. Typically, this involves a dedicated consultant working directly with the development project team.

  • Construction projects

  • CNG Gas Station construction work’s inspection as per OGRA requirements

  • Power plant construction work

  • Refineries

  • LPG Cylinders manufacturing/filling plants as par OGRA requirements

  • Oil and Gas facilities construction works

  • Fleet management services