Business Consultancy
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Business Consultancy


FAS INTERNATIONAL Consultancy provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security, management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing, finance, engineering, science or many other specialized fields. Our consultancy support services are tailored to suit to the specific needs and circumstances of each individual client. FAS Consultancy has a team of professional consultants with proven experience of assisting the firms in achieving certification. These consultants, who are also Lead Auditors, work in the company and assist it in implementing the Management System in an effective and efficient manner. The general methodology includes:

We invest in our clients’ businesses by listening to their challenges, leveraging our in-depth expertise, and personalizing our approach. Preliminary analysis of the company for the implementation of system and the quotation is prepared and submitted. After the contractual agreement, detailed Gap Analysis is conducted to analyze the gap between the existing system of the company and the requirements of the standard Based upon the Gap Analysis and the stipulated time frame. Implementation Plan is prepared detailing all the documents required and systems to be implemented.

Top management training is conducted on standards, systems and documentation followed by the managing committee meeting.
FAS Consultants is responsible to document and assist in the implementation of the non-existing systems. The existing or partially existing systems are prepared in coordination with the company personnel. It also provides complete assistance and guidance in making the existing system more efficient and effective apart from meeting the requirements of international standards.
Near the completion of the implementation process, the training of internal system auditors is conducted.

The company has to appoint a project coordinator from its personnel called as company management representative (CMR). He would be responsible to coordinate with the consultant and provide him full access to all management personnel and operational facilities. Following key commitments are required by the company:
Managing Director has to chair all the managing committee (top management) meetings to assign responsibilities and monitor the progress. These meeting are usually held once a month, for timely actions by the concerned so that the project can be completed within the stipulated time. Availability of the CMR to coordinate with the consultant.

“Cost effective packages are available for organizations with multiple sites undergoing simultaneous certification.”