Fire Fighting Equipment
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Fire Fighting Equipment

        Fire Hose Pipe & Reel

       Fire Retardant Paint

       Fire Smoke Curtains

        Water Based Suppression Systems

 Gas-based Extinguishing System

Fire Hydrants

FAS INTERNATIONAL offers a range of fire hydrants (landing, dry riser, deck) valves with screwed and bolted bonnets suitable for both offshore and onshore applications. These include globe, gate and diaphragm patterns. They are manufactured in corrosion resistant materials with an LG2 bronze body and are available with Instantaneous BS 336 and Storz outlets (dependent on type) as standard but are also available with a wide range of international outlets and fittings including Gost, NST, NOR, SMS, Form 63, Guillemin, Nakajima, ROTA and others. We also supply Mueller’s fire protection products.

Fire Hose Rack

* All type Fire Hose Rack Available on demand