Engineering Services
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Engineering Services


Construction of storage tanks, pressure vessels, steel structural, pipeline works, bowzers, LPG cylinders, sheet metal works (sheet cutting, bending, holing, punching, embossing, etc. as per International standards, planning and execution, ensure quality products, supervision of hydro test, heat treatment, sand/short blasting and painting etc, labor training, coordination with clients, third party inspectors & government departments, training & implementation first aid, safety & fire fighting, implementation/documentation ISO-9001:2008.

Developing and implementing material management, supply chain management, inventory management, vendor

management systems, monitor inventories at projects, prepare plans and procedures to conduct inventory audits, implement and monitor policies for material purchasers, provide the training for yours Staff between various departments of the company (quality, accounts, procurement,


Provide the training, codes/standards of best practices in testing methods in mechanical fabrications, hydro testing short/sand blasting, powder coatings, welding according to International codes, provide the technical persons problem solving and organizational skills with ability to manage multiple priorities and deadlines these persons have a knowledge i.e.

ASME, DOT, CGA, NFPA-58, inspection of incoming material, conducting quality audits of vendors/suppliers and sub-contractors, qualification and certification of welders as per ASME Section IX, visual inspection according to code and standards.


We help you meet legal and statutory requirements you are assured of the highest technical standards of design, manufacture, construction, maintenance, operation and performance for enhancing the safety of life and property at sea, on land and in the air.
You benefit from our global reach and team of highly talented and committed surveyors equipped with outstanding professional knowledge and technical expertise. As our client, you are assured of quality – quality of service, of technology and of solutions.


Developing and modifying HR systems, processes and practices to enhance the work environment and business effectiveness, design & develop measures and reports on Group HR strategies, plans and achievements within agreed formats and timescale, provide conduct training needs analysis, developed and deliver required training programs and orientation programs, possess strong analytical, control and handle the labor matters.