Fire Alarm System
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Fire Alarm System

It will provide remote control, system status display and monitoring functions for any of Analogue Addressable Fire Detection Panels. All Fire, Fault, Test and Disabled conditions are displayed. User is able to control all functions at access Level’s 1, 2 (authorized user level) and 3 (installer/ programming level). It’s reduced dimensions make it ideal for installation in reception areas or security booths.

A maximum of 4 panels can be connected to a single Addressable Panel if powered directly from the Control Panel’s Auxiliary Supply Output. It includes as standard an RS485 interface. This unit is also compatible with all standard data loop interfaces allowing the panel to be interfaced to both JUNIOR and JUNO-NET addressable panels.

We can install fire alarm systems, mass notification systems, or detection and suppression systems as needed. Our fire alarm systems include voice notification and graphical interface workstations to manage the alarm systems. Each system is custom designed to your needs or the architect’s specifications. We design, supply, install and maintain fire detection and alarm system for infrastructures, buildings, factories and industrial sites. We also provide inspection, emergency service, or general maintenance services. Our fire protection consulting services have helped many determine scope of project, bidding, project management, and more!