Audits Service
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Audits Service

In order to provide services, FAS Consultants have developed Specialized Auditing Service System, to the organizations, working towards developing systems, achieving certifications and those are already certified. FAS Consultants has developed specialized auditing service system. It is the activity, which is done at the beginning of the project to assess the gap between the existing system of the firm and the requirement of the standard. FAS qualified auditors, lead and perform this activity, usually within 1/2 days. The gap analysis is followed by a comprehensive and detailed report submitted on the 5th day after this audit. The report, details the requirements of the standards, that which requirements are fulfilled or partially fulfilled by the company and which are completely non-existent in the company. This analysis is the basis for system development and modification.

Documentation / Desktop Auditing

Since, a good part of every standard, requires documentation of processes and activities, which is crucial for achieving certification. FAS provides this service called as the Desktop Auditing. A report is submitted on the 5th day after this audit, indicating the corrections to be made in the document and the professional suggestion to make your documents more practical, incorporating the best practices and not just something required by the standard. Where ever appropriate/applicable, flow chart of the activities is also provided by the FAS International.

It is the audit done by an independent body before the final certification audit. FAS provides qualified leading auditors, having experience of auditing with different certification agencies, to audit your company and provide a comprehensive report with all the non-compliance found during the audit. The report will be submitted on the 5th day after the audit. Most of the companies, going for certification on their own, adopt this practice and have their system audited twice, i.e., at the middle of the process and before certification. This greatly reduces the cost and put more assurance in the company to qualify for the certification.

Note: All the above mentioned specialized system-auditing services are an integral part of our consultancy assignments