ISO Certifications
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ISO Certifications

FAS INTERNATIONAL is providing quality management expertise & customized training. We are providing services for all major management system standards. We develop your quality, manual, processing, documentation, conduct management review and internal audit training. Moreover we provide everything needed to be ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, HACCP, ISO 22000,OHSAS 18001, BS EN 16001, ISO 29001, ISO 28000, ISO 15189 and other international management systems, in the most effective, economical, time bound and easy to implement manner. Our unique approach combines technology with your own implementation team: an expert consultant, project manager, and customer support is designed for small businesses seeking an affordable ISO certification solution.

ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)

A well known standard used to structure, streamline, standardize, and optimize the processes / activities / systems of any type of industry, in order to enable it to stay competitive. This standard helps companies achieve cost effective and quality assurance methods.

 ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

A company’s aspects affecting the environment are catered through this standard and a complete Environmental Management System (EMS) is effectively implemented to ensure the compliance with the applicable National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS). Implementation of EMS improves compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, reduces exposure to liability, prevents pollution, reduces waste, and creates a more positive public image of the organization.

OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety Specification)

This standard addresses the occupational health and safety that a company needs and also provides a comprehensive health and safety management system to the company. It contains management system requirements similar to those in ISO 9000, along with occupational health and safety requirements in such areas as planning, risk assessment and hazard identification, consultation and communication, operational control, emergency preparedness and response, and accidents and incidents.

It can be implemented in any type of industry. OHSAS 18001 certification demonstrates a company’s commitment towards the occupational health and safety issues which results not only in better working environment leading to improved productivity but also in compliance to national laws and regulations and international market requirements.

ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management)

Food Safety is an essential requirement for a healthy nation. So FSMS is the basic requirements of a healthy society. Failures in food supply can be dangerous and cost plenty. ISO has developed the ISO 22000 standard for the certification of food safety management systems. The standard is intended to provide security by ensuring that there are no weak links in the food supply chain, and to achieve international harmonization in the field of food safety standards.

This standard is specifically designed for food industry. To prevent any health hazard related to manufacturing, processing, treatment, packaging, handling and delivery of food stuff is ensured under the Food Safety Management (FSMS).

HACCP Certified